CDC Emerger

These are the rising stars of modern fly fishing.
One might be tempted to call the emergers the subimago stage of a may fly; in fact it is a bit more complicated than that.
Emergers represent the transition between under water nymphs or pupae and the final adult stage of the insect.
In the modern industrial world we live in, an emerger can be an insect unable to reach the last stage of development,and which died trying to penetrate the film of greasy industrial fallout on the surface of the water: a stillborn insect.
In practice, the emerger can be taken by a trout according to several different scenarios.
Sub surface post nymphal stage, subimago floating insect , imago/adult insect, stillborn or even spent.

The increased use of the CDC gave a new dimension to the creative process of tying emergers.
Fishing emergers is not only rewarding, sometimes it is also surprising.
– I have got excellent results flyfishing small emergers, supposed to represent small may flies during the moment when emerging caddis were present on the water
– I have recently caught big browns fishing with an orange body /violet wing size 14 emerger; all around me iron blue dun may flies were floating in the current.
– I replaced a small emerger tied on a straight shank hook with almost the same fly tied on a curved shank hook with immediate rewarding results ….