CDC Feathers


Our 26 CDC color ranges.

CDC fluorescent colors:, and Fl.yellow

Our CDC short feather colors:
Ginger,Yellow,Khaki and Olive dun


The CDC feathers or duck rump feather or Cul de Canard , have been introduced in the fly tying less than 80 years ago.

It all started on the swiss side of the franco swiss border.

Vibrant,lively,with high flotability caracthristics,they brought a lot to the dry fly fishing,replacing sometimes the cock hackle,mixing with it as well.

They float well not so much because of the oil which covers them initially (this are the duck oil gland cover),but more because if you have a look under microscope you will find out at what point each fiber has micro ramifications and all together they keep air bubbles captive between them.

The softness is also very important,the CDC fibers “feel” like something so natural so close to the real thing,that very often the fish will not reject the cdc fly pattern for many more seconds.

Do not be surprised by the multitude of colors we offer, after all the CDC remains an european affair and on those waters where it has been invented.

The CDC dry fly catches trout but also grailing.