Newly Added Patterns

A large majority have been created with New Zealand waters in mind


Natural product with incredible absorbent properties . the best drier for CDC flies

CDC Caddis

CDC Emerger

Early stages of may flies floting "low" , into the surface of the water

Montage Avance

Classic \"montage avance\" patterns , available in sizes 14 to 18. We can produce an infinite number of patterns by adjusting the colors combination to specific needs in different geographical areas.

International Patterns

We just brought our own touch to classic international patterns . The added CDC brings more flotability and a lively \"soft touch\" feeling

NZ Patterns

We have taken some of the very classic NZ flies and recreated adding the CDC touch

CDC Feathers

The CDC feathers or duck rump feather or Cul de Canard , have been introduced in the fly tying less than 80 years ago.


All hooks made in Japan !


We offer high quality tapered leaders. We have been the official suppliers for the fishing championship.