About Us

Mouches Devaux has been created in France in early “fifties” by Aime Devaux.Until 1990, the
company manufacturing only one product FLIES, in fact only dry flies!
The inclusion of CDC feathers in the manufacturing process began at the early stages.
Before 1990, all dry flies were made with cock hackles or coq+CDC!
The CDC has never been employed alone until we finally introduced in 1990 the CDC emergers.

Today, we manufacture still a large quantity of Dry Flies , but also nymphs, streamers, saltwater
flies, soft hackle wet flies and etc.
Dry flies and Dry fly fishing remain for us a matter of passion and this is the main reason you
have the pleasure to read these lines:
“Beyond any commercial aspect of our operation, we also have something we wish to share
with the rest of the fishing world.”

This is just a tiny example of the multitude of the products we handle today between the most

– Our range of hooks made in Japan by the most prestigious manufactures including
some exclusive designs.
– Our range of CDC feathers including 27 different colors.
– Our exclusive production of Amadou patches, the most efficient product used to dry
the CDC flies. (**never try to enhance the float-ability of a CDC fly by adding any
chemical flotant)
– Our high quality tapered leaders (manufacture in Japan)
– Our superior polarizing glasses manufactured with mineral lenses (no plastics)